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Pyrenean Mountain Dogs




The photo shows Little wearing her Official Collector sticker, ready to collect for the Cancer Society on Daffodil Day

Ch Nero of Pyrendale
This page could never be complete without mentioning Nero our much loved friend who was laid to rest on July 1st 1999. Nero was almost 11 yrs of age, the sort of dog whom one calls a *gentleman of the breed*. Of all our dogs, he had the greatest rapport with us and our family and was everyones' favourite. His smile was an unforgettable ear splitting grin and he had a very human sense of humour. One could hold great, lengthy conversations with him, conversing in various forms from heavy breathing, sighs, grunts, whines, to woofs, or sometimes just companionable silence. Nero was a great Livestock Guardian Dog, self-trained, always showing much concern if one of his sheep seemed to be in trouble. He loved to wander around the property and would spend hours sitting near the gates or on a sunny bank, watching the world go by. ( HE said he was guarding sheep but WE knew he was fast asleep ! ) Nero, we were so lucky to have enjoyed your company and friendship for those years and will never forget you.




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