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Working Dog Group
site is owned by
Stella Hughes.

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This Live Stock Guarding Dogs - Herdenschutzhunde
site owned by Stella Hughes.
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Pyrs, Pyrs and more Pyrs

The Pyrenean Fanciers Association, New Zealand

RACP. France

Great Pyrenees Club of America

PMDC, Great Britain

Pyrbred Org, U.S.A.

Nth Florida GP Club

Pyrs of the Realm

Norwegian Club Site, with a report on Pyrs and Bears

Serrabonne Pyreneans, New Zealand

Du Pic du Midi, Germany


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NZ Dog Sites

Lost and Found Pets on the Net (recommended)
Joan Goddard Homeopathy
Akarana Clinic, Dr Chris Piper
Holistic Animal Therapy
New Zealand Kennel Club
NZ Natural Dog email list
NZ Dog Rescue email list
Your Dog (recommended)
Women Against Cruelty (please vote)
NZ Hearing Dogs
NZ Dog Links (recommended)

General Dog Sites

Rainbows Bridge

A - Z The Dog Breeds Alphabet

Australian Dogs and links

Dogs and more Dog links

Comprehensive Pet Site

Dog Breed Info Center

Australian Dog Site

Dogs of the World

Animal Rescue

Kids and Dogs (recommended site)


Dog and General Health Sites

Shirley's Wellness Cafe,(highly recommended)

Holistic Pet Care,(excellent site)

Canine Health Concern

Epilepsy Network site

The Pet Arthritis Resource Center

Comprehensive Health Links (inc OFFA)

Dogfood recipes and more links

Dr T. Lonsdale, diet info

The Danger of Microwave Ovens

What's in commercial petfood anyway?

More on Commerical Petfoods

Soy and Phytoestrogens

Passport Panda, World Conservation



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