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Pyrs at Work in
New Zealand

New Zealand has no natural predators such as wolves, coyotes, dingos etc., so there is little need for a working lifestock guarding dog (LGD)., though at least one goat farmer is now using an LGD to protect stock from attack by roaming pet dogs. Unsupervised pet dogs sometimes cause much damage to stock and are sometimes shot if caught worrying sheep.

However, given the opportunity, Pyrs soon take over the supervision of stock, whether itís a few sheep in a paddock or an orphaned pet in the garden. They are equally at home baby sitting the younger members of the family and providing transport for tired toddlers.

Kiku and lamb Nero and kid

Sheba and baby cart

When an LGD is seriously required to guard stock, careful management is important. One cannot simply put a dog in with the animals and expect it to bond with them and to understand what is required of it.
Before even purchasing an LGD please visit Bountiful Farm for expert advice.
Assistance and support is also available from the Working Dog email group


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