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STARDOGS, part 2:

The Party

It did not take the newcomers long to settle into the routine of the kennel. They found the food on Planet Earth somewhat different, but they obediently cleaned up their share. Alpha Centauri was careful to stay very close to Aurora when they were taken outside into the garden, though he was sure the Lupites had not yet arrived. He felt certain that he would sense their arrival, or receive some communication from Pyrtron, informing of their arrival. Perhaps they would not come for some time. Meantime, he was having trouble co-ordinating his little legs, let alone worrying about his enemies! Walking was fine but when he tried to hurry, his feet ran away with him and occasionally he ended up on his nose. The others were having similar difficulties - so much to learn !

A week or so later, Alfie and the pups had a discussion about new owners, after hearing Philippa and Grant discussing the arrival of two more humans.

"They are coming to take us to our new home" Alfie told the other pups.
"What, all three of you?" asked Pooh.
"Suppose they take two of you and one of us", said Smudge.
"I am going to Tauranga" Briare sounded very important as the others looked at her, "I have already met my new owner".

Aurora was worried. "They will take all three of us, won't they Alfie" she asked.
"Sure, don't worry. They think they are choosing us, but they do not know that we have already chosen them", he grinned. "Hey, let's have a party tonight, a farewell party before we all go our separate ways".

Now none of the other pups really knew what a party was but they thought it sounded like fun so they agreed. Nothing more was said until Philippa had put them all to bed in their den, turned out the light and softly closed the door. The pups all looked expectantly at Alfie in the faint glow of light coming in through the window.

"What do we do now" asked Pooh.
Alfie grinned. "We have some fun, that's what happens at a party. We play games and sing and have some supper. But first we need some guests".

Aurora smiled. She was starting to get the idea now. She sat down in front of the teddy, dog and horse soft toys and stared at them intently, then twitched her nose. At first nothing happened.

"Concentrate Aurora", urged Hercules, bumbling over to sit beside her.
She tried again, twitching her little black nose as hard as she could. Slowly, the soft toys started to move. They blinked, shook their heads, then, to the amazement of the earth pups, they started to dance!

Briare ran over and picked up a toy duck, putting it down in front of Aurora. Another twitch of the nose and the duck joined the dancing toys. Pretty soon, all the toys in the den were dancing merrily and the plastic cats were making an awful noise that Smudge declared was really singing. The pups gambolled about trying to dance too, but big Pyr puppy feet are not adept at dancing, so rather a lot of tumbles were taken, with much giggling and helping each other up again. After a short time they had to stop and rest.

"Er - did you say supper"? asked Pooh hopefully.

Alfie had been waiting for this moment - his 'piece de resistance', for which he had been preparing all day. He strolled over to a corner of the den, fossicked about under a piece of paper and nudged out six bits of biscuit with his nose. The pups applauded wildly.

"I saved them up after lunch", he said proudly, not adding that he had been soooo worried that Pooh would find and eat them before the party even started and silently thanking his guardian angel who must surely have kept an eye on them.

"Three cheers for Alfie" cried Pooh, tucking in to his piece if biscuit. For a few moments, silence reigned, except for the nibbling of busy little teeth. The toys took this as their cue to lie down and be just toys again. Soon, six tired puppies sleepily formed themselves into a puppy pile and drifted off to sleep. Briare wondered if Aurora would show her the twitchy nose trick and Pooh wondered if maybe there was any more biscuit. Only a few gentle snores broke the silence.

The two new humans duly arrived next day and the pups were taken out onto the lawn. Much discussion ensued and Aurora became concerned. She hoped Alfie was right and that all three star pups were going to the same home. Just suppose they were separated?
Back in their den, the pups could only wait, as the humans went into the house.
"Cups of tea and more discussion", said Alfie, grinning.

But - suffice to say, quite soon all three stardog pups were lifted out of the den and stowed into a crate in the back of a car.

"Good luck"
"See you at the dog shows" yapped the earth pups. The doors closed and the car set off down the drive. Now even stardog puppies, smart and strong as they are, get a little upset at times and Aurora began to cry. It was hard to leave home and venture out into the world, not knowing what was in store for you. Hercules was not too happy either and even little Alfie shed a few tears. But eventually, after much soothing words from their new owners, they settled down and slept for the rest of the journey to Napier.

Once inside their new home, they happily scampered about exploring the kitchen and finding new toys to chew, like slippers and a log basket.
" You would think they had lived here all their lives" said Stella, as she started preparing their tea.

Chris was not listening. he was under the table playing with the new arrivals.....

Outside, in his corner by the door, Nero grunted. as he curled up for a nap. More new puppies - he muttered to himself - disturbing the peace and quiet. Hrummp !

The other younger Pyrs smiled. More puppies meant more future playmates - when they were big enough to play safely in the paddock - chasing, tag and fence-running with the neighbouring Shepherds. The more the merrier.....

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