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Planet Earth, 10 10 1999

The journey from Pyrtron was soon over, thanks to the newly developed Pyragalactic boosters and access to little known Retrotrax Passages through the time fibres. Hovering silently many miles above Auckland, the Mother Disc released the tiny Transporter capsule, guiding it down to its destination. Once on the ground outside the selected kennel, the auto release, triggered by the Mother Disc, permitted the portal to slide open. The Soundsorb barrier was activated to stop any slight noise from disturbing the other Pyrs and their owners, as the pup exchange took place.

Alpha Centauri was the first to leave the Transporter. He looked round, checking the stillness of the early Auckland dawn, before touching the kennel door. It swung open under his touch, for locks and bars mean little to a Stardog. Small though he was, Alfie knew already how to use his powers. Behind him, Aurora swiftly followed, leaving Aquarius to secure the door. Inside, they quickly found the Earthdog pups, sleeping in a pile in their den.

"Amazing"! said Aurora, " they look just like us"

"Of course they do, we are all Pyreneans", grinned Alfie. " Now we must wake them and find the three we are to replace. We must get them away before daybreak".

Calling softly to the pups, Alfie quickly found the three which were identical to themselves. Little Boy was, as they had been told, the smallest pup, with color round one eye just like Alfie himself and Suzy was easy to find as she bounded forward to greet the newcomers, her happy little personality shining through. She greeted her counterpart, Aurora, with an enthusiasm which only Aurora herself could match. Hercules, the largest of the pups, was a replica of Aquarius, with his enormous size and gentle eyes.

There was no need for explanations. The three Earth Pyrs knew instinctively that the Stardog pups were their replacements, knew that they themselves must climb into the Transporter, knew also where they were going. For Pyreneans are a special breed, Stardogs or Earthdogs, they all possess the same telepathic power, a wisdom and understanding far beyond their years and far above the level of human intellect. They could teach humans so much, if only humans knew how to listen and learn.

Little Boy led the way into the craft, followed by Suzy and Hercules. The portal was sealed and the craft lifted, quickly gathering speed as it left Earth's early morning light, sliding silently into the Mother Disc for the return to Pyrtron. For these Earth Pyrs, their role was finished for now and they would be released into the care of a foster mother on Pyrtron.

The three space pups settled down with the others, forming again a pile of sleeping puppies.
Philippa suspected nothing when she entered the kennel soon after sunrise. Well, except....
"Goodness, Little Boy, you have been busy growing", she exclaimed, looking at Alfie. He merely smiled a mysterious little smile.

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