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The K9 Kitchen - page 2

Three Square Meals a Day ? One meal a day is fine, if that is what you and your canine friend prefer, but feeding two smaller meals a day is preferable for giant breeds. Bloat is not common in Pyreneans but it does occur occasionally. As a safeguard, do not let your dog gulp a large amount of water just before or right after a meal.

Never feed your dog right after exercise – and never exercise your dog right after feeding. He can get indigestion, just like you. Give him a quiet place where he can enjoy his meal in peace. If you have more than one dog, it may be a good idea to separate them at meal times – unless they are very good mates who are prepared to either share, or respect each others bowls of food ! Keep small children away when your dog is eating, he may not appreciate an audience, or assistance from a small child.

Always have fresh, clean water available at all times for your dog, particularly in hot weather, when he will need plenty of shade during the heat of the day.

Though these recipes are used for Pyreneans, they may be fed to any breed of dog, therefore the quantity to feed at one meal is not generally stated. This is left for you, as owner, to decide, depending on the size and activity levels of your dog.



If you have always felt that feeding fresh food is too time consuming
or expensive, give this a go.

Slap a large spoonful of cottage cheese in your dogs bowl.
Top with one or two tablespoons of grated carrot.
Put six to ten chicken necks on top of this, depending on size
of dog. ( I give my bitches 6 or 8, my adult male gets 10 to 12)

Note -if amounts seem small, this is only one meal for the day. Also depends on the size of the necks, which can vary considerably.

That’s it ! Easy-peasy, as promised.


K9 Rocket Fuel
This healthy concoction is whisked up in a couple of minutes and will give
your pooch a nourishing boost, high in protein, vitamins, esp vitamin B,
calcium and minerals. Um, - why not whisk one up for yourself as a quick breakfast to start the day?
    Ingredients : one egg, preferably free range
  • one tablespoon of yoghurt
  • one tablesp. of yeast flakes
  • one teaspoon of soft honey
  • one cup (or more) of milk
  • optional half a cup of herb tea
Whisk or blend these together for a half a minute, then serve.

Jiffy Sandwiches
Take 2 thick slices of whole grain bread. Spread both very thickly with raw beef mince. Sprinkle with a chopped clove of garlic, and some grated carrot. Optional: a half teaspoon of kelp powder will add some trace minerals. Now slap the 2 slices together

If you want to increase the amount of this meal, use more mince or serve with a helping of veggies, rather than increasing the bread.

All recipes are used in rotation to ensure a good variety over several days

More recipes coming when time permits: watch this space

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